Friday, July 15, 2011

A Poem for Nanay

My heart is aching I can't help my tears to fall,
When I think of you I will always recall:
The time when I was young and you're always by my side,
To love, to hold, to understand and to guide.

All the stories you have told will always remain,
Though remembering all those things will always bring the pain;
In my heart I'm always grateful that you were always there,
To complete my childhood with memories so clear.

You're a great person who touched so many lives,
With passion and affection that cannot be denied;
Now that you're gone it's hard for us to think,
That we lost a special person who'll never be replaced.

We can't find the exact words to tell you how much we LOVE you so..
But deep inside our hearts we know that you feel it too;
I hope someday we'll see each other again,
But right now I'm still praying that i can bear all the pain..

We missed you nanay..
I'm so sad na dimo ako naantay..