Monday, January 21, 2013

Daraitan and Tinipak in Tanay, Rizal

My life in 2007 was full of adventure. I went to many local places in the Philippines including Daraitan and Tinipak in Tanay Rizal. My experience was so extreme that I know I will remember  for the rest of my life. (Please see my blog"my personal videos from Youtube, Tinipak"). Going to Daraitan you need to take a tamaraw FX from Crossing or Cubao going to Tanay. From Tanay Market, you need to take a jeep going to Daraitan for almost 2 hours ride.
This is the first view that struck me when we arrived at Brgy. Daraitan. The wooden bridge with nearby cottages. I was screaming when the jeepney passed the river, I was like Oh My! Is this really happening? When we arrived at the barangay proper we stopped at a house to borrow untensils. Then we started walking through the barangay cemetery and ohh I was so scared.

But upon seeing this beauty took away all my worries. The first thing to do? Picture taking!
After taking so many photos we decided to find a place to sleep. And here it is! see that rock?
And after that of course, swimming!
Daraitan river was awarded as the cleanest river in Region IV and a Finalist in National Competition. It is ideal for trekkers and mountainers. The water is so refreshing and very clean.
After a month I was lucky to go back to Daraitan but our next destination? 
Going to Tinipak is a big challenge for first timers like us. We need to take an hour walk going to the river. You need to slide on slippery rock going down to the river, but when you reach the place you will be magnified by it's beauty.
(me, wearing a red blouse, I almost fell!)
Tinipak is composed of white rock fomation that looks like gem. We had an overnight sleep inside the cave. I saw monkeys, yes..
The view was very relaxing.
I know I can't go back here..but I have all the beautiful memories about Daraitan and Tinipak!
Thank you so much Tinipak!

Thank you for reading!Laughing