Monday, January 21, 2013

How to dress, according to your body shape!

Every woman is built differently. You may have plenty of curves in some places, but lack them in others. Maybe you're top heavy or need something to make you look a bit taller. Whatever your fashion challenges are, there are clothing items designed to help you make the most of your figure. Here are some simple ways to dress properly for your body .


    • 1.
      Check whether you have a round body.
       To dress properly for this body type, you will want to accentuate the positive and downplay the negative. Wearing V-necks and low-cut shirts will draw the eye to your best assets. Avoid tight-fitting tops that hug your midsection. If you have nice legs, choose knee-length skirts or capris that show off your stems.
    • 2.
      Ask if you're the inverted triangle.

       This body type is known for broad shoulders and slim hips. Many are also blessed with long legs and a medium-size bust. You are one of the few that can pull off a pair of hip-hugging jeans. The trick to dressing this body type is to balance out your figure by adding a little bit of fullness to your lower half. Flare skirts or pants are a great choice for the inverted triangle.
    • 3. The Pear Body Shape
      Dress the pear body shape (small on top and larger on the bottom) by choosing flowing fabrics and skirts that minimize your hips and behind. Square necklines will help broaden your shoulders, making you appear more proportional.
    • 4. Show off the hourglass figure.
       Songs have been sung about your sexy curves, so show them to the world. Your best clothing choices are those that draw attention to your well-defined waist. Wrap blouses and dresses are always a good choice, as are semi-fitted clothes that couture your body.

      Tips and Warnings
  • 1.Every manufacturer is different, so make sure to try everything on before you buy.
    2. Bigger is not better. Avoid large dresses or shirts that drape you in fabric; they can actually can make you look bigger than you are.
    3. Never be afraid of colors or prints. being beautiful is about looking and feeling your best, so if yello makes you happy, then wear it with pride.


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