Monday, January 21, 2013

The Beauty of Bangon Falls

Bangon Falls-(Brgy.Bugtong, Calbayog City, Western Samar)
I was here in May 2010, my first time though it's only a barangay away from my hometown. The 3 km. walk from Brgy. Tinaplacan highway was very tiring but well worth it. You can also ride a habal habal( improvised single motorcycle) going there but it's like riding a roller coaster and the fare is a little bit high so if you are in a group you can walk going there.
You will walk through cascades before you can reach the main falls and you need to be careful, take off your shoes or slippers because it's slippery sometimes. (see what I did here Tongue out Lol)
The main falls is like acircular swimming pool and the water is so refreshing. This is how it looks in summer, but during rainy season people don't come here because it's too dangerous and the water is overflowing.
There are old stories about Bangon Falls. According to my grandmother you cannot measure the depth of the pool. One time there was a big tree fall into the pool after that it disapper into the deep. For the old folks, this falls is mysterious.

Just a few meters from the falls you will find these landcapes.
I was mermerize by its beauty. If you are brave enough you can jump here and see if you can come out lol..Thrilling isn't it? But I prefer not to do  because I don't know how to swim.Embarassed

So if you want to visit Bangon Falls and toher tourist spots in Samar Island you can visit their website at: