Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Little Girl

My baby. She was born on July 19, 2002 4:30pm @ Caloocan Puericulture Center and Maternity Clinic. Before she was born, I know it's a girl. All the people that I met told me also that it will be a girl. They told me it's the way I look. That very day, I can't  believed that I'm going to deliver my baby.  I felt a little pain, it was not as intense as with my first baby. When I brought to the hospital, I was so irritated with the tricycle driver because of the emergency sound of the tricycle. All the people in the street were looking . When I arrived at the hospital I insist not to sit on the wheelchair. I walked going upstairs when the pain is not  intense. I was interviewed by a duty nurse, checked, and to my surprised she told me to go to the delivery room. Why?. I have no choice but to lie down on the delivery bed. The doctor told me to push, Oh why again? is this really it? . Then the doctor told me to stop! The baby was out! Thanks God!
Then the nurse brought the baby beside me. It's a healthy baby girl.My husband was not at the hospital to buy some baby stuffs.I felt so sleepy. I was transferred to the recovery room, there I slept for 8  hours. My mother was so nervous  because my aunt died of pre-eclampsia 2 months ago. She died with her baby inside.
While I was at the recovery room, ( I stayed for three days)We named her "KRISNIEL GRACE". "KRIS" a female version of my eldest. "NIEL from my husband's name and "Grace" because she is a God's  grace for us. Finally after a day I was able to see my baby. Because of  much excitement I  bumped into the glass window where I can only see her. After I paid the hospital bill that was the time I was able to hold my baby. She was very cute. She always cried at night, maybe because I was in deep sorrow while she was in my womb. But I always pray for her to grow up as what I want her to be.
When she was a toddler she was very witty. She always dance and sing. When I was cooking, she climbed into the metal bar and looked what am I going to cook and sing her favorite "Tomorrow". I know she will grow up an intelligent woman. When she was in grade school she don't have friends. She told me that I'm her best friend. She make cards for me and my husband in any occasion. . I dreamed of her as a very sweet, loving lady when she grow up. God fearing and a lady with a heart to everyone. For now I just want her to enjoy her childhood. To finish her study and become an accountant as I dreamed of myself. She always want to be a chef but I told her:" Later baby when you're already a CPA(Certified Public Accountant)" LOL. Whatever she will wish  to achieve I will support her all the way. That's our major role as parents, to support and  guide our children. I love you baby, You are an angel to me.