Friday, August 12, 2011


He's my first born, my first joy and the apple of my eyes. He was so cute, a happy child, no tantrums at all. He always smiles when he woke up.We named him Niel Christian, "NIEL" from my husband's name and "Christian" from the latin  word"christianus" meaning " follower of Christ". When i was pregnant I pray to God to have a son who is God-fearing,  just, and with a character of a good christian. I don't have any struggles in raising him up though  my husband was always far from home. I am very thankful to have a child like him.  He was only 2 years old when he start singing. He's favorite songs were WESTLIFE"s songs. Can't believe that i'm a fool again.. lol.. was his favorite line. He also loved to dance. He loved coloring, drawing and reading character books.
How times flies.Nine more days to go and he's turning 14. Before, I dreamed of him being an engineer but he said it's a tough course with many mathematics subjects. What about being a dentist son? No ma, a dentist only earn a little.. Goodness, how can you find a job when at the moment you can't even think of what college course to take. Whew! 
We always fought of many little things, but when we became christian I saw some changes in his character. It's really important to communicate with our children specially during their teenage years. Both parties should compromise and agree with some rules specially at home. We should be consistent with our rules inside and outside our home. Being a mother whose husband is always away it's really, really tough. But I can see in my son a sign of obedience little by little. I hope as he grow in his christian life, he will  totally transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I'm also praying that before he graduated in high school he will decide and desire in his heart to find a course that he will suite his personality and finish his degree with flying colors. As a mother, we need to pray harder for our children. Pray for their lives, health, for their future careers and for their future partners in life. We always love our children no matter what... I love you christian.Happy  14th Birthday!!!