Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I logged in to myYearbook account, it says I have a new question from one of my friends. When I opened it, it says:

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Q: why is it so hard to go to treatment for cancer but yet you know its best for you i know i love my kid she keeps me going every day asked by Matthew S.
Then I answered:

A: First, I think you are scared of the reality but you have to face it. Going to a doctor for treatment is the best thing to do.. Don't lose hope, don't give up. Pray harder and ask God for miracle. I'm praying for you..

Many times in our lives we are afraid of many things. When we were kids we are afraid of the dark, of our parents whenever we disobey them, with failing grades, entrance exams and many more. But when we talk about death it's a different story. I cant imagine how a person fear before he/she was being killed. Just recently I read in yahoo news about  a father with cancer who died 2 years ago who wrote  a message for his children. A sad story of a father dying of skin cancer whose children are very young. He took pictures with his children, filmed messages, and a series of rules as guide for his children while they were growing up because he only have how many months remaining to live. Being diagnosed to have a cancer  is a very scary moment in one's life. When you are being told by your doctor that you only have a few months to live. 
When I was 29, I become hypertensive because of stress and I also did the same. I wrote letters for my children who was then 1 and 6 years old and for my husband. I want the best for my kids but I'm afraid I might die anytime. You love your kids that you cannot afford to see them in the wrong track. So I wrote so many " I want you to be like this, and to be like that". 
Looking back I was  I thinking why I was so afraid to die before? Is that really your family, specially your children's future you are afraid of or it is your own soul? Admit it or not we are all wondering where our souls will be going after we die. When I accept Christ in my heart and allow HIM to control my life became a different story. Who is not really afraid to die but it's  not the same fear I felt in the past. Now I have my assurance of my salvation and nobody can take it from me. I have this peace in my heart whenever I think about death. Being in Christ is really a benefit and an inspiration to me. I have seen people who suffered from severe sicknesses yet they are peaceful. Is this only a matter of acceptance? Or it only depends on on'es own attitude on how they see things in their own eyes?
I want to comfort people who are in this kind of situations but how will I start? I'm afraid I may utter the wrong words! I want to tell them the CHRIST in my life and in many Christian's life WHO assured us of our salvation. For it says in Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Thanks to my God for the assurance of Heaven through Jesus Christ. So why live in fears of death? Find God in your life, abide in HIM. Thank you Lord!