Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Story

We never intended to become lovers, 
Or we are not even good friends 
All we have is a company 
That keeps  me happy  each day.

The moment  I first look at you, 
I can't find something to admire you 
But my heart tells me you are the one for me
 To be with, to love and build a home.

Life for us is not always easy, 
We cry, we laugh and now you're miles away
 All I did is hold  on to memory
 Of all the happy times we've spent with our family

I want to say thank you for your patience,
And for giving me two loving children
For loving me unconditionally
I even love you more each day.

Fifteen years has passed and still counting
To God Almighty I am praying.
That He may bless us with many more years
For us to show our love for each other.

Happy 15th Anniversary to You my Dear Husband
Love you with all my heart..