Monday, June 13, 2011


A friend is anyone, maybe your parent,  your sibling, relatives and sometimes they do not have any blood realtion to you but they occupy a very special place in your heart. I have a childhood friend who is very dear to me. Our friendship was built for years and strengthened by love and respect.  When we we're young we used to read comics, listen to music, chat all day etc. I remember we took a bath together and we are both half I want to extend my gratitude to her through this blog.Thank you friend for the great memories we shared together.
They say that Friendship is like money, easier made than kept. But I can proudly say that this is not true. I can keep and treasure friendship. Distance is not an issue, even communication. Though we did not see each other for years the friendship never change. We both have families but the love and respect is still there.
In this very fast changing world very few can find a true friend. We meet different people everyday but it's  hard to establish true friendship. If you're one of them, let me remind you what a true friend is..
They say that a true friend is a person who will never betray you.  The one who will lift you up when you're down. Through good times and bad she/he is always there for you , in laughter and in tears. For me a true friend is a person who will not only praise you but she will also tells you all your mistakes even to the point that you will get hurt. That only means that she she//he cares for you. Now show your friends how grateful you are and they are a blessing to you. Treasure your true friends because as we travel in this world, what we can find best is a true and honest friend.