Saturday, August 6, 2011


Every chapter of our lives we meet different people, of different characters, of different backgrounds and of different ages. Eventually these people become our friends. Sometimes they come and go into our lives.  True friends remains through thick and thin, good and bad they never leave. False friends? They are like autumn leaves...when the strong wind carried them, they scattered everywhere.. As we go along our journeys some of our friends learned to forget.
Do you know who your friends are? How can we say that our friends are real? They say that a FRIEND IN NEED is a FRIEND INDEED. I will tell you who my friends are! They seldom send me a message, because they are busy. They almost forget to say Hi! They are so quiet. They never bother to call me whenever I'm busy. We don't see each other often because they are very far, sometimes very near but they have so many things to do. But I know in their hearts we love and respect each other. They don't have time to call but I know we have a special place in each others heart.  Now can you tell me who your friends are?